95 St Kilda Road Melbourne

Developer: GAMUDA LAND


For over two decades, Gamuda Land has been delivering innovative, sustainability-led developments throughout the globe. With a focus on creating communities for flourishing families and future generations, Gamuda Land takes pride in a holistic approach to development, realising places underpinned by relevance and a tangible balance between built and natural landscapes.

In Australia, Gamuda focuses on the company’s core business of Engineering, infrastructure and property. Led by a deep understanding of the vernacular, coupled with collaboration with like-minded local architects, interior designers, urban planners and landscape designers, Gamuda Land has amassed a portfolio of projects that merge tradition with future-enabled advancement to craft enduring homes and neighbourhoods.

Places that foster a sense of belonging which extends on the existing milieu while evolving it for tomorrow.



Established in 2012, BayleyWard is an award-winning Australian Architecture, Interior Design and Urban Design studio with a commitment to exploration of innovative, social, and environmental design.

Working collaboratively with stakeholders, the practice delivers excellence across sectors and scales, eliciting a broad portfolio spanning commercial, multi-residential, institutional, public, and leisure projects.

 At its core, BayleyWard draws on the values, experience and knowledge of the respective directors.

Operating from a purpose-built space in Southbank serving Victoria, with a second office in Millers Point serving NSW, the studio’s ethos is founded in the recognition of the importance of shared problem solving, mutual respect and outcome-driven working methods which have shaped enduring relationships with industry peers and commissioning partners.



Hip V. Hype is an ethical, socially conscious and environmentally focused property developer, sustainability consulting practice and work share provider. Based in Melbourne, the studio works collaboratively to cultivate more environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and commercially intuitive solutions for the built environment with the intention of influencing and build an equitable, resilient, and prosperous future for all.

 Anchored by the conviction that “we all deserve more,” Hip V. Hype employs research, enquiry, implementation and consultation with and for developers, architects, designers and government bodies to ensure our cities and regions are evolving in a way that will leave them better than we found them.